The Windsor TFC Academy won the Henderson Cup Tournament in London, defeating the newly promoted L1 London United team 7-1 in the final.

This is the team’s fourth tournament win of the season, which will conclude with the Ontario Cup boys U16 tier 2 final against the Mississauga Comets on September 18, in Vaughan.

Windsor reached the finals by defeating North York 3-2 on August 27.

wtfc-academy-team 2016
The 2016 U16 WTFC Academy side which won the Henderson Cup Tournament in London.
Contributed image.

International pro, and longtime WTFC captian, Stephen Ademolu will be joining the WTFC Academy staff. Ademolu provides personal soccer tutelage program and will now impart his wisdom under the WTFC umbrella.

The Windsor-born Ademolu played at the the University of North Carolina before signing in Europe. He has also represented Canada at the international level.

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